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Poly Nylon Vacuum Seal Bags

Correct Products offers a wide range of vacuum seal bags and vacuum pouches. Our poly nylon co-extruded vacuum pouches provide an economical form of moisture barrier packaging ideal for packaging meat, jerky, nuts, fish and various snack products. ...

Vacuum pouches offer a great way to store items without taking up too much storage space. In fact, a vacuum sealed bag can actually reduce the amount of storage space needed by 50%. To use a vacuum seal bag, simply pack the bag with suitable items, seal the bag using a vacuum sealer, and then store the bag in a safe and cool place. Please note, these poly-nylon vacuum seal bags do not work with Food Saver type home sealers.

This is a non-channeled laminated film combining polyethylene for secure sealing and nylon for air-tight packaging. Contains no color additives and features strong seals on three sides to ensure package integrity. Chambered applications include microwaveable, boilable, freezable, "bone in" and meets FDA and USDA specifications. These vacuum seal bags are available in a wide range of stock sizes sold by the case. Custom sized pouches can also be manufactured to fit your requirements. We can also provide additional options such as a zip top closure and surface printing.

Correct Products also supplies a range of dry packaging products including vacuum sealing equipment for food packaging and industrial needs. From small plug-n-play self-contained vacuum sealers to large body retractable vacuum sealers, we are sure to have the vacuum seal bag machine you are looking for. Used in conjunction with moisture barrier bags, vacuum sealing provides protection from oxidation, corrosion and spoilage. Looking for a vacuum seal bag for electronics or semiconductor manufacturing? Check out our full selection of ESD moisture barrier bags.

Since 1983 we have provided high quality shipping and packaging supplies suitable for a variety of industries. Please contact us today for more information about our dry packaging product line.

25 Products