Paper Shopping Bags

Correct Products offers a complete line of paper shopping bags for your consumer needs. The type of packaging you choose for your customers is important because it adds value to the shopping experience. Each transaction is an experience; therefore you want the presentation to be memorable. Whether this is a retail setting, craft fair or restaurant take out, you will want a durable personal touch for your customers. White retail bags and kraft paper bags are a perfect solution for these opportunities. ...

Our paper shopping bags are durable, recyclable and most often American made. As the discussion in many areas continues on waste control and environmental concerns, white paper shopping bags are seen by many as the responsible choice for our planet. Whether it’s large or small purchases you need to cover, we have them all in different handle styles, sizes, and colors.

The most commonly used white paper shopping bag is the twisted handled shopping bag. This bag's twisted handles make all purchases easy for customers to carry. In addition, its rectangular foundation allows it to stand alone for convenient packaging. This bag is perfect for groceries or other retail items. It is compostable for an eco-friendly design. Furthermore, its white paper design is more visually appealing than plastic bags.

These come in a variety of sizes, kraft tinted colors and are also available for printing designs to meet your aesthetic or holiday needs. This bag is a blank canvas on which to market your business. Simply add a label or stamp your logo for an instantly customized bag. With a bit of tissue paper and a bow, it's easily dressed up as a gift bag!

The smallest size white paper bag, is perfect for fashion jewelry, trinkets and candy purchases. Most businesses that are customizing their bags choose the smaller sizes. The larger sized paper bags are well suited for clothing stores and fashion related businesses as well as restaurant take out needs. If you have large items like pillows or outerwear the extra large sizes work well for these type of purchases for your customers.

As you look for the right sized white paper shopping bag you will notice that there is a variety available. We have everything from natural & organic looking brown kraft, clean crisp white as well as a wide range of other colors. Whatever your need is for white retail bags we have you covered.

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