Stacking & Nesting Totes

At Correct Products, we supply a wide selection of industrial storage containers and warehouse totes, including heavy-duty Stacking and Nesting containers. These rugged industrial containers stack when full and nest when empty at alternating 180 degree positions maximizing space usage. These storage totes are ideally designed for general manufacturing, food processing and distribution applications. We supply a wide variety of sizes from top brands, ensuring a perfect fit for any storage application! ...

Our selection of industrial stacking and nesting containers will not corrode, rust or bend out of shape. In addition, they are unaffected by most solvents, chemicals, water and steam. Durable and reusable, these containers will stack with or without a lid, maximizing your vertical storage space. Turn the storage container 180 degrees and these totes will fit within each other when empty, saving valuable storage space and providing true flexibility. Textured bottoms on select sizes ensure compatibility with conveying equipment. We supply stacking and nesting containers from the most trusted brands including Quantum Storage, LewisBins and MFG.

Most of our Industrial Stacking and Nesting Containers are injection molded from high-density polypropylene material and are manufactured from FDA and USDA approved materials. However, for more extreme applications, we provide fiberglass reinforced stacking and nesting containers. Molded from high-strength, glass-reinforced composites these containers provide the ultimate in strength and dimensional stability. They are also impervious to radiation, cutting oils, detergents, mild acids and alkaline solutions. Fiberglass reinforced totes also provide resistance to high operating temperatures. Looking for Industrial Trays? Fiberglass reinforced trays are available in a wide selection of stock and standard products.

We supply industrial warehouse storage containers that stack and nest suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. We welcome bulk orders and large quantity requests. Buy online or contact us for a volume quote. We look forward to serving you!

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