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Correct Products supplies a broad range of tools and inspection products focusing on precision manufacturing, electronics and semiconductor. We offer a complete line of ESD cutters and pliers, illuminated magnifiers, vacuum pick-up tools, ESD vacuum cleaners and more. Browse our selection today! ...

At Correct Products, we provide high quality precision cutters and pliers from Tronex Tools. Tronex is a leader in providing precision and accuracy in cutting tools. Tronex cutters and pliers are suitable for a variety of industries including electronics, medical device manufacturing and jewelry manufacturing. Cutters are available with ESD safe cushioned grips and available in a standard handle or long ergonomic handle that provides additional comfort.

Looking for an ESD vacuum cleaner for electronics and toner? ESD safe vacuums provide a safe path for static electricity to drain to ground. By utilizing an ESD vacuum cleaner, you can prevent electronic equipment from failures and downtime. Antistatic vacuums are ideal for cleaning toner from copiers, computers, robotic equipment, x-ray, MRI, ATM and a myriad of other electronically controlled equipment. We supply ESD Vacuum Cleaners from top brands Atrix International and SCS.

Another important consideration at the workstation is lighting. An ESD magnifying lamp provides an ergonomic benefit to the user by providing comfortable lighting while reducing eye strain when viewing small details. ESD lamps provide magnification when working on precision assembly or inspection, such as checking soldered joints, welds and conformal coating inspection. We provide a variety of styles, brands and colors to meet most needs!

Another great product to consider when working with small smd components and parts are vacuum pens and SMD pickup tools. These ESD vacuum pick-up tools are available in battery operated units as well as convenient hand-held vacuum pens.

Please contact us today for any additional details regarding electronics hand tools, inspection lighting and ESD products!

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