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Correct Products supplies a broad selection of Ionization products, including benchtop and personal air ionizers. Benchtop ESD Ionizers are ideal for neutralizing insulative and non-ESD items from the workstation in PCB and electronic assembly areas. ...

How to select a Benchtop Air Ionizer?

An ESD Air Ionizer is a piece of equipment utilized in static sensitive manufacturing areas that produces positive and negatively charged ions. These ions move via fan driven airflow and can neutralize static charges on insulators reducing the potential for harmful ESD damage. A benchtop ionizer is an ideal solution for the ESD workstation. Ionizers for the workbench are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, with multiple features to choose from.

Benchtop ionizers are a convenient solution as they can easily be moved from one location to another. Many can be mounted on an adjustable arm or simply used with the provided mounting bracket on the bench top. Consider the amount of coverage that you are wanting to neutralize and how much room you have available on your bench. Do you have a small area with limited space? If so, choose a small personal ionizer that features a smaller footprint and lighter weight. The coverage area for a personal ionizer is smaller - generally 1 ft x 4 ft. If you have a larger work area to cover and room for a larger ionizer on your bench – consider an extended coverage air ionizer that can cover a range of 3’ x 6’.

Maintenance is also an issue to consider. Many ionizers feature maintenance friendly features such as quick emitter cleaning functionality. This greatly reduces labor of cleaning and extends the life of the emitter points. Depending on the ionizer some models do not require calibration. Live in a colder climate and concerned about air blowing on your workstation personnel? Choose an ionizer with an integral heater for user comfort!

Correct Products supplies all the top brands in ionization including Simco-ION, SCS, Botron, Transforming Technologies and more! Contact us today, we’ve been solving ESD problems since 1983!

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