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Correct Products offers a wide selection of IC shippers and small component ESD shipping boxes – ideal for shipping and storing static sensitive components and small assemblies. These economical ESD safe corrugated boxes come in various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any item. We also offer custom sizes on request. To cater to different needs, some of our boxes include pink anti-static foam or black conductive foam, while others are available without any foam. This variety ensures optimal protection against electrostatic discharge, tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our small component boxes to provide the safety and reliability your electronic components need during shipment. ...

IC Component Shippers with ESD Foam
The traditional conductive corrugated IC shipper includes pin insertion grade foam loose in the bottom of the box, along with pink anti-static polyurethane foam laminated to the lid. The black corrugated shipping box provides static shielding Faraday Cage Protection. The black conductive foam in the base provides for insertion of leads to hold the component in place during transport. The soft pink anti-static polyurethane foam laminated to the lid provides cushioning protecting delicate parts from shock and vibration.

IC Component Shippers with Black Dissipative Foam
ESD Safe component shipping boxes are also available with soft black ESD safe foam in both the lid and the base. These boxes were designed to be used with BGAs and small assemblies that needed additional cushioning. Both foam pads are soft cushioning foam and feature permanent ESD characteristics. Great for long term storage and can be used in a returnable reusable program. Super soft foam cushioning nests around small fragile components protecting them from physical damage.

IC Component Shipping Boxes – No Foam
Using your own cushioning inserts, or perhaps an ESD plastic thermoformed insert? Our small ESD component shipping boxes are available by themselves, shipped flat. Simply fold the boxes together for a static shielding box.

We sell ESD packaging and shipping boxes to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk quote requests and custom projects. If you don’t see the option you need on our website, please call us at 800-870-1199 or contact us.

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