Correct Products stocks a wide range of cushioning products to protect delicate parts from vibration, shock and abrasion. ...

We offer a variety of bubble cushioning products such as bubble cushioning rolls, UPSable rolls and bubble bags. Bubble cushioning is one of the easiest packing materials to use. You simply wrap it around an object and secure it with tape. Because it is flexible, it fits snuggly around almost any item, regardless of how awkwardly shaped it is. The air trapped inside provides cushion and helps prevent items from scratches, chips or braking if they hit the floor. It also keeps out dust and moisture further protecting your items. Bubble is an economical solution for packaging because it is weightless and saves on shipping cost due to less weight. The material is completely recyclable helping save on costs so you can use the material again. There are many applications you can use bubble wrap such as packing stemware and chinaware, wall art and mirrors, flat-screen tvs, computers, anything with sharp edges or corners, among other things. Packaging sensitive electronics – check out our selection of antistatic bubble products!

Polyethylene foam is also available when a requirement calls for surface protection as well as cushioning. It provides a robust strength to the material and gives it some of its features such as water resistance. Some common uses for this foam would be for packaging for heavy goods, electronic products, tools, and machinery. It provides superior shock absorption protecting fragile parts. It’s available in white commercial grade as well as pink anti-static foam for protecting electronics and electrical components. Polyethylene foam is closed cell and naturally resistant to tears and punctures. It can be purchased in rolls, foam sheets and foam bags.

Correct Products also offers additional void fill products, such as newsprint, kraft paper, tissue, single face corrugated and VCI paper. These items are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Don't forget to check out our Air Pillow machines and Rapid Fill products from Sealed Air, both are an excellent choice for product appeal and warehouse space savings.

Call us if you need specifics on the application you are needing.

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