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At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of ESD Signs and Posters. ESD signs are used to indicate areas or equipment where precautions need to be taken to prevent electrostatic discharge. These signs and poster promote awareness of ESD sensitive areas and serve as a reminder for individuals to follow proper ESD control procedures, such as wearing antistatic wrist straps, using ESD packaging materials, and maintaining a grounded work environment. Our selection of ESD signs come in a variety of sizes and styles sure to suit your requirements....

Every ESD sensitive work environment should feature visual aids designed to raise awareness about electrostatic discharge hazards and promote safe practices in environments where ESD is a concern, such as electronic manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and cleanrooms. An ESD sign or poster is a great tool to facilitate this awareness. ESD signs are available in plastic with adhesive backing or paper poster material. ESD paper posters are great for putting on entrance doors, while ESD plastic signs work well for applying to ESD workbenches or equipment. Signs and posters typically feature a bright yellow color with ESD symbols and graphics depicting electrostatic discharge hazards and safety precautions. Signs may include images of lightning bolts, electronic components or the traditional reaching hand symbol and messages such as “Attention – ESD Control Area", “Electrostatic Sensitive Area", "Wear Grounding Devices" and "Observe Precautions."

You may also find ESD signs that include written instructions and guidelines on how to prevent electrostatic discharge, including proper handling procedures for electronic components and use of anti-static equipment (such as a ESD wrist straps and mats).

In addition to ESD signs and posters, you may also want to consider ESD floor tape. ESD floor and lane marking tape is ideal for designating static sensitive areas. Available in scuff resistant vinyl, ESD aisle marking tape firmly sticks to your floor and provides a great visual aid to identify ESD workstation areas.

We sell ESD products and static control equipment to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quote requests. Buy online or get a price quote today!

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