Personal Protection

Correct Products has been specializing in ESD since 1983. We offer a full line of anti static products that will protect your sensitive electronics from harmful static charges. The first line of defense in static control is grounding the user through a wrist strap.... We offer ESD wrist straps in a variety of styles, such as adjustable fabric, Velcro, metal Speidel type and plastic. Along with the standard single conductor wrist straps, we also offer dual conductor wrist band kits that work with the popular SCS 724 constant monitor. If you're interested in grounding mobile personnel, we have hundreds of heel grounders, toe grounders and sole grounders in stock. Don't forget, it's recommended the user wear heel grounders on both feet and make sure you are on a grounded floor or ESD mat. ESD labcoats are another important accessory in the fight against static damages. Available in labcoats and jackets, choose from several ESD safe fabrics and colors. We offer a comprehensive line of ESD control products including ESD gloves, anti static lotion, ESD Wrist Strap Testers and much more. Have questions, please give us a call, we're here to help!

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