ESD Hinged Plastic Boxes

Correct Products supplies a wide variety of ESD packaging and shipping solutions, including esd plastic boxes and hinged esd plastic containers. Conductive plastic boxes are an economical solution for storing, kitting and shipping ESD sensitive small parts and components. ...

ESD plastic boxes are injection molded, noncorrosive and lightweight. Static sensitive devices can be transported safely in these boxes which provide Faraday Cage shielding. ESD plastic containers feature strong hinges, a secure closure, thick walls and ship completely assembled. They are available empty, or we can insert custom esd foam pads to prevent vibration and shock. ESD foam options are available in pink anti-static foam or black conductive foam. We can also provide custom die cut foam or thermoformed interior trays for precision fit.

ESD small plastic boxes are available with several interior options. Tacki Pak component boxes feature a unique ESD safe, non-adhesive tacky surface that limits the movements of small parts. Tacki Pak is flat with long lasting ESD properties and will not transfer residue to the components. Tacki Pak is also available in a pedestal style designed to suspend leads while holding the body on the tacky surface. We can also supply Tacki Pak with grid print design. An additional interior configuration available is Kleanstat bubble cushioning. This bubble cushioning in small plastic boxes is an ESD safe, clean, low F.O.D. solution for cushioning and handling small components. Kleanstat bubble is a permanently static dissipative bubble material.

We also supply esd plastic containers with individual compartments, similar to a fishing tackle box. These conductive compartmented boxes feature durable thick walls and strong hinges, great for kitting and storage. Don’t forget to check out our conductive Pillowstat hinged containers. Pillowstat boxes feature conductive memory foam which forms around parts encapsulating the item.

We’ve been specializing in ESD packaging solutions since 1983, please contact us today for more details on small parts packaging.

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