ESD Shelf Liners

Correct Products has been specializing in ESD protection since 1983 - we supply a wide variety of ESD products and static control equipment for the safe storage and handling of ESD sensitive items. Browse our selection of ESD Safe Shelf Liners, available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to ensure the perfect fit for any application. ...

ESD Shelf Liners for Wire Racks

Many of our anti-static shelf liners are designed to fit standard wire racks, such as open wire Metro shelving. Chamfered corners allow shelf liners for wire racks to fit neatly between the posts. Grounding snaps can be utilized to ground each shelf liner. ESD safe shelf liners not only prevent static discharge, but they also provide a softer surface to prevent scratches and damage to the products being stored. The solid surface also prevents smaller parts from falling between the open wire shelves.

We supply ESD shelf liners made from black conductive chipboard, fiberboard or conductive fluted plastic. Conductive corrugated plastic is a durable and waterproof alternative. ESD shelf liners can be easily trimmed with scissors or a box cutter to fit special requirements. Looking for a custom size? No problem, we can cut ESD shelf liners to any dimension for the perfect fit!

ESD shelf liners can also be used as inexpensive ESD table mats. If you’re working with a process that can ruin a standard table mat, it may be cost effective to use an inexpensive and disposable shelf liner. The conductive chipboard material used to manufacture shelf liners can also be utilized as bin dividers, tote dividers or even ESD trays. Add a sheet of conductive foam to the top for an extra soft layer of protection.

We sell static control products to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and custom projects. Buy online or get a quote today!

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