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Correct Products provides a variety of high-performance hand cutting tools and pliers that provide precision cutting performance and reliability. These hand tools are ideal for quality inspection, repair and rework needs. Suitable for the high tech electronics industry, as well as a variety of industries including medical device manufacturing and jewelry making. ...

Available from Tronex, these hand tools feature handles made of steel that extend the entire handle length to give strength and balance to the tool. All cutters have double cushion grips with a no slip surface and are made of static dissipative material. Cuts leads to predetermined length and reduces shock to components. These cutters include unique anti-dulling protection and set the screw prevents cutting edge from hitting the standoff leg after a cut has been made.

Precision cutters are hand tools which are used to cut a variety of materials. These tools use levers to extend and increase the strength of grip. By pressing on the handles, holding power is magnified and directed to the point where the pincers meet. They are useful for a variety of applications, as they can be used with materials which are potentially too small to be worked by hand.

Choose from a wide selection of cutter and plier styles. They can come in various sizes and feature a range of pincers and joints.

Angulated cutters work by indenting and wedging the item apart. They offer a cleaner finish than scissors or knives. Angulated cutters should not be used on harder items, such as nails or screws, as these materials can cause damage and might even render the tool unusable. The ideal use for this cutter is holding, splicing or cutting leads or stripping insulation.

Flush cutters include pincers that are angled and narrow, while the handles are lifted away so there is enough space to hold them securely. This type of tool is used for regular, soft and semi-hard metals. It is also worth noting that flush cutters should only be used on flat surfaces where they can sit flush with the object being cut. These are ideal for trimming eye pins, headpins, and beading wire.

End cutters, also known as nippers, have an almost flat head. This allows the tool to cut close against the surface of the material without digging into it. These are ideal for working with leads, springs, nails, bolts, and rivets.

Diagonal cutters are designed for crimping or wedging cable apart to allow precision cuts. They provide a diagonal cut and are commonly used on soft copper or aluminum electrical conductors. These cutters are ideal for gripping and cutting and stripping insulation from cables.

At Correct Products, we supply a range of hand tools and production assembly aids including magnifiers, tools, tweezers, ESD vacuums and much more. Contact us today!

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