ESD Racks, Tool Boxes & Organizers

Looking for solutions for PCB handling, storage and organization? At Correct Products, we supply a wide selection of circuit board storage and ESD workstation products. We are sure to have a circuit board holder, pcb rack holder or ESD tool box to fit your needs!...

An ESD circuit board holder is ideal for transporting and storage throughout the plant. We have a pcb rack holder to fit most every requirement – from small to medium sized boards. These circuit board racks are ideal for clinched, SMD, soldered or bare boards. They are manufactured from heavy-duty ESD safe conductive plastic and feature reinforced ribs for a secure hold. They are also stackable and feature convenient carrying handles. Available in flat style racks, as well as L-shaped board holders that capture the circuit board from two sides.

Want to organize your ESD workstation?

Check out our ESD workstation organizers and ESD tool boxes. We offer ESD workstation organizers available in both conductive corrugated and conductive fluted plastic. These organizers are esd safe, economical and improve the appearance of the workstation. Excellent for standardizing placement of tools in the work area, these organizers are ideal for sorting dispensing bottles, swabs, esd lotion, flux bottles, esd cutters, tweezers and various other workbench accessories. ESD tool boxes are also available for static safe storage of assembly and hand tools. Manufactured from sturdy plastic, these tool boxes will last for many years. Looking for more storage options for tools? Ask us about our conductive foam shadow boxes, ideal to keep tools organized and uniform at every station.

Additional handling and storage products include ESD safe turntables. These ESD lazy susan turntables are ideal for working on large heavy assemblies. Easily access all sides of the product with the flip of your wrist. ESD turntables are available in multiples sizes and styles.

Please contact us today with any questions regarding circuit board storage or handling products. We’re ready to help!

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