Black Conductive Foam

Since 1983 Correct Products has been supplying high quality ESD protective packaging products, including a wide selection of conductive foam and static dissipative foam. We supply conductive and static dissipative foams in stock sheets, custom die-cut inserts and convoluted sheets. Dissipative and conductive foams maintain permanent ESD properties, which makes them the ideal solution for long-term storage and shipping cycles....

How do identify conductive foam?

Conductive foam is a carbon loaded foam that is black in appearance. It offers permanent ESD characteristics and is available in polyurethane, crosslink polyethylene and conductive memory foam.

Conductive low density polyurethane foams are soft, open cell foams and are used for cushioning and protecting products from shock and physical damage. Useful in a variety of applications the typical foam density is 1.7-1.9 lbs and surface resistivity measures 10e2-10e5 ohms/sq. It’s available in flat sheets and “eggcrate” style convoluted foam sets. Convoluted foam is supplied per set and is generally used in conductive pcb boxes to protect circuit cards and electronic assemblies.

Conductive crosslink high density polyethylene foams are rigid, closed cell foams used for blocking, bracing and pin insertion. Typical foam density is 1.99 lbs and surface resistivity measures 10e3-10e5 ohms/sq. Polyethylene foam is clean, non-corrosive and is low sloughing – excellent for die cutting applications such as ESD tote box inserts, conductive case inserts, component tray liners and tool storage shadow trays. For applications requiring a more controlled electrostatic charge removal, we provide foam with static dissipative properties.

Conductive memory foam is a super-soft, extremely clean foam that is perfect for fragile and expensive components. Typical foam density is 4.8-5.2 lbs and surface resistivity measures 10e3-10e5 ohms/sq. This conductive foam forms around and encapsulates the part providing excellent physical protection from shock and vibration. Conductive memory foam is featured in our PillowStat conductive plastic hinged containers and is also available in stock sheets.

Please contact us today to discuss your ESD foam and conductive foam requirements. We can provide stock off-the-shelf solutions, as well as custom designs.

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