Pink Anti-Static Foam

Correct Products supplies pink anti-static foam designed to protect and cushion your sensitive electronic devices during storage and transport. This pink ESD foam is resistant to tearing and punctures and will dissipate electrostatic charges, making it ideal for packaging electronic devices. Pink anti-static foam is an affordable option that provides ample cushioning for your sensitive electronics during all types of transport. The distinctive pink color makes visual identification easy....

Pink anti-static foam is available in a wide variety of configurations such as egg-crate, flat sheets, cushion grade polyurethane sheets, and polyethylene sheets & rolls. The unique design of our pink egg-crate anti static foam absorbs impact efficiently and cost-effectively. Egg-crate foam is also referred to as convoluted foam and is typically found in esd shipping boxes. It can also be paired with our flat-surfaced conductive foam to provide added cushioning and protection. Flat sheets and rolls of ESD foam are great for wrapping items or cutting pieces to size for unique shipping applications. As with our conductive foam and other ESD packaging products, custom die cut inserts, trays and sheets are available.

Anti-Static Foam - what is the difference between Polyurethane and Polyethylene?

Anti-static polyethylene foam is a durable closed-cell ESD foam that can be used in conjunction with other cushioning products or alone. Polyethylene Foam is a closed cell “firm” ESD foam resistant to water damage, bacteria, and mold, and mildew. This product is a cost-effective way to limit the effects of shock impact and vibrations on your sensitive electronic devices during transportation. Anti-static polyethylene sheets of foam can be used for blocking, bracing, wrapping and cushioning.

Open cell, soft, flexible pink anti-static polyurethane foam is amine-free and ideal for cushioning ESD-sensitive components, including circuit boards for storage and transport. The product is non-sloughing, non-corrosive, and noncontaminating. This ESD foam is available in convoluted sheets, flat sheets and custom configurations.

Please contact us today for all of your esd foam requirements. We supply a huge selection of anti-static foam, conductive foam sheet and amin-free cushioning products.

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