ESD Gloves, Cotton Static Resistant Gloves & Fingercots

Correct Products is a leading supplier of static control products including a quality selection of ESD gloves, cotton gloves and finger cots. We offer a comprehensive selection of cotton static resistant gloves including anti static nitrile gloves, esd cut-resistant gloves, high temperature gloves, conductive gloves and cloth inspection gloves. ESD gloves and finger cots are ideal for electronics, industrial, medical and general purpose applications. ...

Anti-static gloves are available in a variety of materials and styles and help prevent damage from electrostatic discharge. In addition, they can provide protection from dust, contamination, temperature and protection from cuts. Choose from nitrile, cloth or urethane with ESD properties ranging from static dissipative to conductive.

What types of ESD gloves are available?

Anti-static nitrile gloves are suitable for electronics, medical, laboratory and industrial. These gloves are latex-free and inherently ESD safe. ESD nitrile gloves feature good tactile sensitivity and provide puncture and abrasion resistance.

Cloth ESD gloves are available in a variety of styles and feature great comfort and breathability. Our most popular product is our black static dissipative polyurethane palm coated gloves which features a coated palm which provides a non-slip grip. Cloth static resistant gloves are also available in a stretch inspection glove style, comfortable polyester lint free and grip esd gloves that feature PVC dots for no-slip grip. For applications requiring cut resistance, check out our cloth gloves that feature powerful cut resistance – available in three different styles.

Looking for a tough static resistant glove, featuring superior resistance to snags, punctures and abrasion. Check out our ESD urethane gloves. Available in back conductive and white static dissipative these gloves are resistant to many common solvents and are safe for cleanroom use as well.

High temperature ESD gloves are excellent for applications requiring processes using heat assembly such as handling hot circuit boards. We even have high temperature gloves that can reach up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit!

For applications that do not require a full glove, check out our selection of anti static finger cots. Finger cots are ideal for handling small parts and protect products from skin salts, flakes and oils.

Contact us today for more information on our selection of ESD gloves, finger cots or general warehouse gloves. We’re here to help!

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