Conductive Cushion Pouches

At Correct Products, we supply a wide selection of ESD packaging products including a variety of black conductive cushion pouches. Conductive cushion pouches provide Faraday Cage protection which provides a safe and effective method to store and transport sensitive electronic devices and components. We supply conductive cushion bags in a variety of sizes ensuring the perfect fit for any item. To cater to different needs, some of our pouches include a zipper closure, while others feature an open flap. This variety ensures optimal protection against electrostatic discharge, tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our conductive cushion bags to provide the safety and reliability your electronic components need during shipment. ...

Conductive bubble cushion pouches are constructed with multiple layers of film including a layer of carbon loaded polyethylene. Conductive carbon loaded poly is non-amine and humidity independent. The black conductive poly is fully opaque, you cannot see through to the interior of the bag. The flexible conductive poly is permanent and allows the bag to be re-used without fear of diminishing its ESD properties. Additional layers of static dissipative poly, along with anti-static amine free clear bubble complete the construction of this durable and high quality static safe cushion pouch. Our pouches are available with a double track zipper or fold-over flap which can be closed with a re-usable ESD label.

We specialize in custom sizes and styles. Need to store paperwork with your cushion pouch? We can add a front static dissipative pocket for work orders and additional instructions to travel along with the pouch. We can also add a slider-zipper top as a custom feature. Slider-zippers provide a reliable method for pouch closure – even if wearing gloves. We can also manufacture compartment cushion pouches, store multiple products separately within the same pouch!

We’ve been providing ESD safe cushion pouches since 1983 and offer the most comprehensive selection of ESD shipping and packaging materials in the industry. We sell conductive cushion bags to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quantities. Buy online or get a quote today.

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