Bag & Film Sealers

Correct Products provides a wide range of bag sealers and heat sealing equipment for food packaging and industrial needs. Our extensive selection includes hand-and-foot impulse sealers, continuous band sealers, automatic sealers, direct-heat, and vacuum sealers, plus shrink-wrapping equipment. We supply bag sealers in a wide variety of sizes, capable of sealing a range of materials from poly bags to foil laminates and military packaging. ...

Our Impulse Hand Sealers provide an “on-demand” impulse seal that requires no warm-up time, making them extremely efficient. This is a bag sealing machine that can quickly seal a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Each model features a plug-in electronic timer for monitoring sealing times based on material thickness. Includes an automatic timer for notification when the seal is complete. Sealers are available with optional sliding cutters which are ideal for use to trim pre-made bags or poly tubing. Blades are easy to replace.

An automatic impulse sealer is a bag sealing machine that provides continuous sealing of thermoplastic materials up to 24 mil total thickness. Automatic operation allows for consistent seals. Another option for high volume bag sealing is our foot operated heat sealing equipment. These foot operated sealers are manufactured with a heavy-duty all metal construction and provide consistent flat seals.

Portable heat sealers are an excellent choice for sealing bulky, oversized and unique packages. We have portable bag sealers that are suitable for light weight bags all the way to heavy duty mil spec materials, laminates and foils.

For products that are moisture sensitive, we supply a full line of industrial vacuum sealers. From small plug-n-play self-contained vacuum sealers to large body retractable vacuum sealers, we are sure to have the bag sealing machine you are looking for. Used in conjunction with moisture barrier bags, vacuum sealing provides protection from oxidation, corrosion and spoilage. Ideal for the food, medical, semiconductor and electronics industries.

Shrink film heat sealing equipment is also available. Functioning similar to a hand sealer, the element wire cuts and seals the edge. Apply hot air from a heat gun and you have a tight clean package.

Since 1983 we have provided high quality heat sealing equipment and bag sealers suitable for a variety of industries. Please contact us today for more information.

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