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Correct Products stocks anti static poly tubing and sheeting roll stock in a variety of sizes and mil thicknesses. Choose from anti-static poly, static shielding and conductive poly materials – available in a variety of stock sizes and custom configurations. ...

At Correct Products, we supply anti static poly tubing, static shielding tubing and black conductive poly tubing. Static safe tubing is a great way to create your own custom fit bags, simply cut the material as needed at the appropriate length and seal with an impulse bag sealer. This provides an opportunity to utilize one size of tubing for a variety of products with different lengths. We maintain stock sizes in inventory and can also manufacture custom widths.

ESD sheeting is supplied on rolls and is available in pink anti-static, blue anti-static, conductive poly and metallized static shielding material. ESD roll stock materials are great for creating your own large bags, tarps, protective covers and temporary wall partitions. Looking for anti-static poly sheeting for a cleanroom? Check out our clear Anti-Static Cleanroom poly. This cleanroom film is double-bagged on a special plastic core and certified for use in Class 100 cleanrooms.

Wrapping pallets that are sensitive to ESD or will be arriving in a static safe environment? Replace high charging standard stretch wrap with pink anti-static stretch film. Anti-static stretch wrap reduces static generation, clings tightly to itself and its pink color provides identification of ESD sensitive items. Available in hand wrap and machine wrap configurations.

We are your complete source for ESD packaging products offering the most comprehensive selection of ESD packaging materials, ESD Bags and ESD Boxes. Need a special width of tubing or sheeting, please give us a call - we specialize in custom!

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