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Why use ESD lotion?

ESD hand lotion improves esd wrist strap performance as it enhances the contact between personnel and their wrist strap, providing a reliable path to ground. In many instances, dry skin can lead to wrist strap failure during periodic testing. In addition, personnel may be using a standard hand cream that is insulative. Anti static lotion may also be used in conjunction with ESD heel grounders as dry skin, insulative socks or the absence of a sweat layer may cause high resistance. By utilizing esd safe lotion you can increase the conductivity of the skin while reducing skin dryness.

ESD hand lotions are specifically designed for use in electronics, clean room, pharmaceutical and medical industries. They do not contain silicone, lanolin, glycerin, mineral oil and other materials found in conventional hand lotions that can interfere with ESD process requirements such as solderability or corrosion of electronic components. Working in a cleanroom environment? Cleanroom safe Pre Gloving esd lotion is available that features a greaseless formula that absorbs immediately into the skin without interfering with grip or dexterity. The cleanroom lotion leaves no residue on the skin and will not affect the integrity of ESD gloves such as latex or nitrile gloves. Clean room lotion meets cleanroom requirements down to Class 1.

ESD safe lotion is available in a wide variety of sizes and from top brands including R&R esd blue lotion, ACL Staticide and Menda Reztore esd hand lotion to name a few. Choose from a variety of fragrances and sizes all the way from 8oz to 1 gallon. The 1 gallon jugs of anti static lotion are ideal for refilling smaller bottles at the esd workstation.

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