LEWISBins ESD Divider Boxes and Stackable Containers

LEWISBins certifies highly trusted, industry leading distributors to provide its products. As a certified Gold dealer of LEWISBins material handling solutions, Correct Products is pleased to offer a full selection of LEWISBins storage totes and bins. ...

A division of ORBIS Corp and Menasha Industries, LEWISBins can trace its company lineage to 1849. Since its founding, the parent corporation has been an innovator in material handling, specifically in its manufacturing of a large selection of containers. Fittingly, LEWISBins (and its LewisSystems brand) is considered the first North American producer of a reusable plastic container system.

Today, LEWISBins utilizes this lengthy history and in-depth industry knowledge to produce an ever-growing selection of material handling and container solutions. Popular products include plastic parts bins, durable shelf bins, divider boxes, wire shelving, and more. LEWISBins products are widely used for industry storage, shipping, distribution, and work in progress divisions.

Our selection include the following LEWISBins containers:

LEWISBins Conductive Tote Boxes. Available in a variety of sizes and depths to meet nearly all applications, LEWISBins conductive totes are ideal for storage, sorting, and transportation of the most sensitive electronic components. See also: our full variety of compatible ESD covers, cardholders, dividers, and movable dollies.

LEWISBins ESD Plastibox Parts Bins. These ESD-safe bins are especially useful for sorting sensitive electronic components and other static-sensitive items. Available in multiple sizes and depths, each size stacks with other bins of the same size, offering endless storage and sorting opportunities.

LEWISBins Plastic Shelf Bins. These injection-molded plastic shelf bins are available in a variety of sizes and numerous colors for superior organization. Sturdy construction allows you to replace traditional corrugated bins with these long-lasting shelf bins and repurpose each as your needs change.

LEWISBins Hanging and Stacking Parts Bins. These highly versatile parts bins are available in multiple sizes to sort your most essential parts. They can hang from wall-mounted panels or a freestanding system, or stack for superior access. LEWISBins also offers a selection of bin dividers.

LEWISBins FliPak Attached Lid Distribution Containers. These containers are designed to nest when not in use with an attached lid for active use. Stackable, highly durable, and available in multiple sizes and depths, these storage containers are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

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