ESD Trays

Correct Products offers a wide selection of esd safe trays that provide protection for handling static sensitive parts, electronic components and printed circuit boards. Choose from a variety of anti-static trays such as ESD cafeteria style trays, stackable trays with ESD foam, plastic kitting trays for assembly and trays with divider partitions. ...

ESD safe trays are a versatile solution for handling and transporting static sensitive products throughout the plant and we supply a huge variety. ESD tray material is available in molded fiberglass, conductive thermoformed plastics, conductive corrugated and corrugated plastic. Our esd trays suppliers provide the highest quality materials to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Our most popular static safe tray would be the cafeteria style tray. Available in many sizes, these durable fiberglass trays provide excellent protection for handling parts, components, assemblies and circuit boards. These anti-static trays can work on conveyors and wire carts. Providing ultimate resistance to abrasion and chemicals, these trays also have permanent ESD characteristics. We have a variety of accessories to work with your trays such as esd tray liners, conductive foam and Kleanstat bubble liners.

For workstation applications and kitting an esd component tray may fit the bill. An esd component tray is a kitting tray that can be used for in-plant handling or storage. These trays are vacuum formed out of durable conductive plastic and feature molded cavities. Conductive covers are available to provide full Faraday Cage shielding protection. Stackable process trays can also be used at the workbench or for transport in the plant. Parts can be laid conveniently on the esd foam and efficiently moved through the area.

At Correct Products we have been supplying esd protective products since 1983. We have a huge selection of stock trays and can also design custom trays with a combination of materials such as Corstat conductive corrugated, conductive chipboard and conductive fluted plastic. Available from esd trays suppliers LewisBins, Fancort, Botron, MFG, Protektive Pak and Conductive Containers (CCI).

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