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Correct Products supplies cleanroom products for critical environments such as laboratories, clean manufacturing environments and healthcare facilities. Browse our line of cleanroom supplies including bouffants, frocks, shoe covers, adhesive sticky mats, cleanroom paper, cleanroom bags, stainless steel furniture and more! ...

Operating in a cleanroom requires strict protocols and each cleanroom receives a different cleanliness classification based on the industrial application that the cleanroom operates in, as well as other environmental considerations. In a cleanroom, these regulations eliminate airborne contamination from people, equipment, facilities, and industrial processes. The more stringent the cleanroom classification, the more sterile the air will be within the cleanroom. Lower ISO classifications, such as ISO 4 or 5, have a higher level of cleanliness than higher ISO classifications, such as ISO 7 or 8. Nevertheless, each classification has a set of requirements that every employee must adhere to.

ISO 14644-1 | Federal Standard 209E
ISO 3 | Class 1 Cleanroom
ISO 4 | Class 10 Cleanroom
ISO 5 | Class 100 Cleanroom
ISO 6 | Class 1,000 Cleanroom
ISO 7 | Class 10,000 Cleanroom
ISO 8 | Class 100,000 Cleanroom

From gowning requirements to cleanroom packaging, Correct Products has the supplies ready to meet the most stringent requirements. We supply a complete selection of cleanroom gowning apparel – choose from a broad selection of shoe covers, cleanroom gloves, bouffants, labcoats, smocks and face coverings. Keep particulate off shoes and mobile carts with a cleanroom shoe cleaner or adhesive sticky mats.

Check out our huge selection of Class 100 cleanroom approved stainless steel furniture featuring stainless tables, gowning racks, carts and gowning racks. Stainless tables are available in solid tops as well as perforated tops which allow for up to 40% more laminar flow.

Browse our complete selection of cleanroom products today. We are sure to have the product you need for your cleanroom, whether you are packaging the final product for shipping in a cleanroom bag or simply wiping down your work area with a cleanroom wiper. We supply the top brands in the industry including Berkshire, Texwipe, Biofit, Intermetro, Eagle Group & Ergomat.

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