ESD Testers

Verify your wrist straps and heel grounders are functioning properly with a combo esd tester from Correct Products. We have a variety of testers to choose from and are sure to have an esd wrist strap tester to meet your needs! ...

Personnel grounding testers are a critical component to any ESD verification plan. It is important to make sure your wrist straps and heel grounders are working properly. Wrist straps and esd footwear should be tested at a minimum of once per day before handling ESD sensitive devices. Each test result should then be logged for quality control purposes. An esd tester can be a wrist strap tester only or a combo unit that tests both the wrist strap and the esd foot grounder.

We have a wide variety of testers available, from a simple economical wrist strap tester to an advanced data logging esd tester that interfaces with a PC. Testers are available in a battery-operated wall mounted style or stand-alone testers that feature a stand and footplate. ESD testers feature visual LED’s (green/pass, red/fail) and audible alarms to indicate a failure. Combo testers are simple to use, simply insert the banana plug of your wrist strap and press the test button. Same with testing footwear, stand on the footplate and press the button. We even have testers available that can test all three at once, wrist strap and both feet simultaneously. In addition, many combo testers can also test esd smocks and labcoats that feature a grounding mechanism for operators using a coil cord connection.

At Correct Products, we’ve been specializing in static control since 1983. We have a complete selection of static control equipment from top brands Desco, SCS, Botron, Static Solutions, Transforming Technologies, Warmbier and more! Browse our site today and let us know if we can help with an esd wrist strap tester or combo tester!

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