Conductive Reel Storage Bins

At Correct Products, we supply a wide selection of esd reel storage and conductive reel holder boxes. Available in a range of sizes, styles and material choices, we are sure to have a reel bin to fit your requirements....

ESD reel storage containers provide a static safe method for storing and organizing 7”, 13” and 15” reels. They are available in various styles ranging from tote boxes with plastic side ribs, to the FIFO vertical smd reel holder which is ideal for reel storage inventory management.

Reel storage totes are available with plastic side ribbing guides or with adjustable partition sets. Both styles hold reels securely in place. Available in conductive corrugated cardboard or conductive fluted plastic, these bins provide a convenient reel storage method. Conductive storage totes that feature side indexing ribs are also available with removable lids ensuring full Faraday Cage protection. Totes with partitions are easily adjustable and the 24” deep version is compatible with vertical carousels.

Conductive reel storage open bins are an excellent option for the esd workstation. The open style design is compact and fits into limited space areas. This smd reel holder allows for convenient loading and storing. Partitions can be removed as needed to accommodate wider reels.

FIFO esd reel storage holders save space and are convenient for use at the workstation. FIFO reel bins ensure the oldest reels are used first. These vertical reel containers are available in rigid conductive plastic or high impact polypropylene. Extra strong and long lasting, these smd reel holders feature a visual slot for reel inventory. They are available for both 7” and 13” reels and can be stacked as needed.

All of our esd reel storage bins and totes provide excellent long term esd characteristics and will provide years of use. Let us know how we can help with your esd bins and storage requirements.

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