ESD Ionizers

At Correct Products, we supply a huge assortment of esd ionizers. Whether you are looking for a personal benchtop ionizer or an overhead ionizer above the workbench, we are sure to have an esd air ionizer to fit your needs. ...

Why use an esd air ionizer?

Sometimes it’s not an option to eliminate all insulative and non-esd items from the work area. When this is the case, an esd air ionizer should be considered. The use of esd ionizers in esd sensitive manufacturing areas will remove the build-up of potentially damaging static charges. Ionizers deliver a balanced stream of positive and negative ions and are used primarily to control static charges on insulating materials such as standard plastic, tapes, tools and even circuit boards. Ionization products can neutralize static charges on an insulator in mere seconds, reducing the chances for an ESD event. Ionizers protect electronic devices from electrostatic potential that esd wrist straps and bench top mats just can't eliminate. Ionizers can also be used to control particulate matter contamination. For example, ESD Ionized Air Guns can neutralize static charges that hold particulates and dust to a surface by loosening the particles and then blowing them away.

We have a wide selection of esd ionizers including the benchtop ionizer, point-of-use, overhead ionizer and ionizing guns and nozzles. Our selection of ionizing air blowers feature fast discharge times, maximum coverage and precise balance for steady and reliable performance. We also have ionization products that feature integrated heaters and LED lights. Don’t forget to test your ionizers periodically. A convenient way to ensure the performance of your ionizers is with a charged plate monitor.

We carry a wide variety of ionization products for use in industries such as electronics assembly, cleanroom, semiconductor, flat panel display, medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical. Available from top brands including Simco ION, SCS, Desco, Botron and Transforming Technologies. Browse our site today!

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