Transforming Technologies Ptec IN5500 Self-Cleaning Benchtop Ionizer

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The Ptec™ IN5500 AC benchtop air ionizer is a small, efficient static elimination device with variable fan speed for protecting electronic components and general static protection.  The IN5500 can self-clean which eliminates maintenance costs and equipment downtime and ensures your ionizer has optimal static eliminating performance.

Self-Cleaning System
The IN5500 can self-clean the emitter points with internal spinning brushes.  Schedule the cleaning after a predetermined amount of running time (from 0-999hours).  Cleaning can also be initiated with a button on the front of the ionizer.  These features eliminate maintenance costs and equipment downtime and ensures your ionizer has optimal static eliminating performance.

About Ptec™ Technology
A specialized piezoelectric high voltage transformer makes Ptec™ ionizers among the most reliable ionizers manufactured.  Small, lightweight, and stable, Ptec™ products are designed to remain in balance and to alarm when the HV output affects performance.  The model IN5500 benchtop static eliminator produces a 68KHz AC output of approximately 2200V and a continuous stream of balanced air ions.  Ionizers that use Ptec™ technology do not require calibration and only minimal maintenance.

The Ptec™ IN5500 is designed to neutralize electrostatic charges in bench top environments, sensitive materials assembly, Medical Device, SMT, Electronics Assembly, Automotive packaging, clean room, and laboratory environments.

  • Rapidly Neutralizes Static Charges
  • Schedule Emitter Point Cleaning from 0-999 Hours of Operation
  • Coverage Area: 1' x 5'
  • AC Ion Emission
  • Static Decay: Les than 1 seconds at 12"
  • +/- 10v Balance
  • Bench Stand for Angled Output

Additional Features:
  • Monitoring Alarm - A light buzzer indicates an operation abnormality: a high voltage problem or a fan issue. 
  • Signal Output - The alarm has a signal output that can be integrated into equipment/machines/tools used with the ionizer.
  • Outage Memory- The ionizer holds previously set parameters and auto start after shutdown.
  • Filter- includes a filter for clean airflow.  Easily removable and washable.

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