Side-Loading Shipping Boxes

Correct Products is your one stop shop for shipping materials and side loading boxes. We offer a variety of side load boxes which include self-seal side loading cardboard boxes, end loading boxes, and all come in large and small sizes....

Most people use side loading cardboard boxes to ship wide, flat items such as mirrors, flat screen televisions and picture frames. For your bulkier items, the large side-loading shipping boxes are a perfect fit. The side loading style of these shipping boxes makes it easy to insert flat items and package them securely before shipping.

We carry three types of side loading shipping boxes – the traditional kind that is secured with overlapping cardboard flaps, the kind that are self-sealing with their own adhesive and white side load locking shipping boxes.

The side load box cartons open along the ends for easy insertion of frames, mirrors, and other flat products. They are designed with full overlap (F.O.L.) flaps for added protection and are manufactured from 275#/ECT-44 kraft corrugated material. These side load cardboard boxes are sold in bundle quantities and ship flat to save on storage space and shipping.

The self-seal side loading shipping boxes are a similar style to the Fed-Ex Express, UPS and Priority Mail shippers. The one-piece carton features a peel and seal strip to make closing boxes a breeze. These end loading shipping boxes have a tear strip on both ends to make opening the carton just as easy. The cartons feature full overlap (F.O.L.) flaps for added protection and are manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 corrugated. These are sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.

Correct Products also offers a wide range of packing materials to help with shipping your delicate items. Securely pack and wrap your goods in the side load shipping boxes by using bubble wrap products, foam sheets, kraft paper, newsprint rolls or sheets. We also offer versa-pak wadding and have a multitude of dispensers, kraft paper crumplers and other tools to use for packaging.

When shipping frames, flat screen televisions and other delicate materials, we also have foam corner and edge protectors, bubble guard corner protectors, and other materials to help you with your shipping needs. Call us today and we will be happy to help you with a shipping solution.

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