ESD Bubble Cushioning

At Correct Products, we specialize in ESD protective packaging products including Anti-Static Bubble and Clear Amine Free ESD Safe Cushioning materials. Anti-static bubble cushioning products protect electronic components, devices, and other sensitive items from damage caused by static electricity. ...

When items are packaged or transported, they can build up static charges, which may discharge and potentially damage sensitive electronic components. Anti-static bubble cushioning is designed to dissipate these charges, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring static sensitive items arrive safely at their destination.

Clear Amine-Free ESD Bubble Cushioning
This clear ESD safe amine free bubble is 3/16” in height and is sandwiched between two layers of antistatic film for a smooth side on both surfaces. This bubble cushioning features printing that includes the ESD Caution Logo, Amine and Static Free along with PPP-C-795C, Class 2. Recycle code and lot number are printed as well. We supply clear anti-static amine free bubble in rolls. Bundles are available in 48” x 750’ and can be slit into 24” rolls. Each roll is cross-perforated every 12” for easy tear off. Ideal for wrapping and providing physical protection for static sensitive items.

Kleanstat Flex ESD Bubble – F.O.D. Free, Low Outgassing Cushioning
Premium Kleanstat Flex bubble material has ultra clean outgassing specifications and is ideal for cleanrooms, aerospace and component handling. This urethane-based material has great flexibility and memory. Kleanstat bubble cushioning has superior rebound speed and is super clean with almost no outgassing. Permanently static dissipative with high visual clarity, this is a F.O.D. free cushioning option that can replace popular ESD foams that produce particulate. Kleanstat Flex is available in rolls and sheets in small, medium and large bubbles. Custom size sheets are available, we can also produce ESD boxes lined with Kleansat bubble.

Pink Anti-Static Bubble Cushioning
Pink anti-static bubble cushioning is a multi-purpose air bubble that makes excellent cushioning and void fill. Available in bundles slit to various widths, pink anti-static bubble is an economical choice for ESD and physical protection.

Shielding Cushioned Bubble
Static shielding cushioned film is a heat-sealable, cushioned wrap that provides static shielding and physical protection. Static shielding bubble cushioning provides lightweight ESD protective packaging with heavy-duty protection that absorbs impact and prevents product damage. Ideal for wrapping large or irregularly shaped circuit boards and assemblies.

We supply the most expansive selection of static control packaging in the industry. Please contact us if we can provide a special quote for a custom size or configuration – we look forward to hearing from you!

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