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Correct Products is a top supplier of leading brand Industrial Storage Totes and Storage Bins. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles for your manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse storage needs. Our selection of industrial storage bins includes Fiberglass Stack-N-Nest totes, Flipak attached lid containers, corrugated plastic totes, straight wall containers, warehouse totes and vented storage boxes. We also offer plastic divider box totes with adjustable dividers for your small component storage needs. ...

LewisBins Flipak® Attached Lid Distribution Containers

The Flipak family of containers is well known for its superior strength and high performance. This product line offers a large number of different container sizes to fit a wide variety of product needs. The sturdy construction of these industrial plastic totes and unique contour design reduce product damage and loss. The attached-lid containers are reusable up to 250 times, providing a great return on the initial investment. The industrial storage bins design allows them to nest when empty and stack when closed, providing you with the most efficient use of limited space.

Bottom surface is pebble-grained, providing superior conveyor traction
Reinforced hinges reduce cracking and breakage
Molded-in security tie holes

LewisBins Divider Box Containers

Divider Box Containers offer flexibility with the addition of slide-in dividers that allow additional types of industrial plastic tote configurations. Multi-purpose, stack-only LEWIS Bins+ Divider Box Containers are dividable into compartments on 1.25” centers. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, the industrial storage bins are ideal for fabrication, assembly, storage, and distribution applications in commercial and industrial markets, as well as other applications.

Compatible with a range of material handling equipment, racking, and types of shelving
Ribbed walls and sturdy stacking ridge offer high performance
Load capacity of 40 lbs. per container
Boxes include two cardholder snaps

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