Protektive Pak ESD Boxes and Containers

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As a subsidiary of Desco Industries, Inc., Protektive Pak can trace its electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and material handling lineage to 1979. Since its 2002 acquisition by Desco, Protektive Pak has designed, manufactured, and distributed the full measure of its ESD product line in Chino, California. A certified ESD manufacturer, Protektive Pak’s product line was developed to dissipate static and protect sensitive electronic or other components from electrostatic discharge events.

Today, Protektive Pak offers numerous ESD packaging products to allow the safe handling, distribution, shipping, and storage of ESD-sensitive items. Its signature impregnated corrugated materials are featured in the construction of several solutions for the electronics manufacturing and high science industries. From ESD bins, totes, and other storage containers to the ESD shipping boxes the company is known for, Protektive Pak offers innovative material handling solutions ideal for today’s rapidly changing technology requirements.

Browse a variety of Protektive Pak products including:

Protektive Pak Open Bins and Closed Bins Constructed fully of ESD corrugated, these Protektive Pak bins are available in a wide range of sizes and depths. They are available in either open or closed configurations. These affordable solutions offer a durable, fully concealed shielding layer that retains its shielding capacities.

Protektive Pak ESD Component Shippers. Ideal for small electronic parts and other highly sensitive electronic components, these shipping boxes feature a fully buried protective layer and additional pink foam and conductive foam pad. Together, the two protective components and sturdy shipper boxes provide physical protection and prevent vibration during shipping.

Protektive Pak ESD Storage Containers. Available in a large variety of sizes and with or without lids, these storage containers allow you to customize your storage solutions while protecting valuable electronics from static discharge. Containers feature a fully buried protective layer resistant to sloughing or negative transfer.

Protektive Pak Conductive Plastic Hinged Containers. Constructed of injection-molded plastic and fully ESD safe, these non-corrosive containers provide optimal protection from electrostatic discharge. As such, these containers are ideal for the storage and organization of multiple sensitive electronics or other sensitive components.

Protektive Pak ESD Nestable Totes These totes are constructed of 100% recyclable, dissipative corrugated. Available in most in-demand sizes, each nestable tote conveniently fits inside other same-sized totes for superior stowability when not in use.

Protektive Pak Plastek Storage Totes Constructed of high-impact polypropylene, these durable Plastek storage totes offer superior conductivity to protect sensitive items from the damaging effects of ESD. These totes are fully customizable with ESD cushioning, lids, and available in multiple sizes.

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