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ESD test equipment and workstation monitors are critical to any static control program. At Correct Products, we offer a huge variety of ESD testers, meters and ESD constant monitors that verify the performance of ESD materials and personnel grounding products. Our selection includes ESD constant monitors, ESD wrist strap & footwear testers, surface resistivity meters, Megohmeter test kits and ESD static locators. ...

An ESD wrist strap monitor and esd monitoring system provides instant feedback on the status of wrist straps and ESD table mats. We supply a wide variety of ESD continuous monitors with various features that can monitor a single user, two users and ESD worksurfaces.

Browse our selection of ESD wrist strap testers & footwear testers! ESD testers are an important part of any ESD verification program. Ideally testing at least once per day, with an ESD tester, you can be assured your wrist strap or ESD foot grounders are performing properly. ESD testers are available as wall mounted or stand alone units and are even available with data logging capabilities to facilitate quality reports.

Choose from a wide selection of surface resistivity meters, static locators and charged plate monitors. Surface resistivity meters are ideal for auditing ESD materials such as ESD packaging materials, table mats, anti-static flooring and much more. They provide the ability to verify the class of materials – whether they are conductive, dissipative or insulative. Charged plate monitors and surface resistivity meters can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of ESD ionizers as well as the tribo-charging characteristics of materials in the ESD work area.

At Correct Products, we have been supplying critical products for critical needs since 1983. Turn to us for all the top brands including SCS, Desco, Botron, Transforming Technologies, ACL Staticide, Static Solutions, Simco-Ion and many more! Contact us today for more information on ESD Testers, ESD Constant Monitors and Surface Resistivity Kits.

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