Surface Resistivity Meters

Correct Products supplies a wide range of Surface Resistivity Meters for use in testing the surface resistance of static control worksurfaces and materials. From convenient hand-held units to complete resistivity meter kits, we are sure to have an esd meter to fit your requirements....

Why is it important to have a Surface Resistivity Meter in my facility?

A surface resistance meter is a critical tool for compliance verification of your esd program. This mulit-functional esd meter allows you to measure both resistance point-to-point (Rtt) and resistance to ground (Rtg). It’s a great tool for testing the resistance of ESD table mats, flooring, ESD packaging materials and much more! It is an important tool in manufacturing, as well as static control and ESD prevention programs because it can be used to evaluate materials and classify them as conductive, dissipative and insulative.

Easy to use pocket sized units are great for quick tests and allow for verification to specification of materials. These battery-operated units feature easy to read color coded LED displays ranging from conductive to insulative. A simple one button operation and built-in parallel electrodes allow for quick testing of material resistance. These units are ideal for quality control and field service technicians. Economically priced, these units are a wonderful addition to any ESD program.

For a more sophisticated esd meter suitable for audits that require more accurate measurements, you will want to consider a Surface Resistance Test Kit. These surface resistivity test kits include the esd resistance meter, two external electrodes, two 5lb weights and handy carrying case. These test kits feature a lager test range, will display a more accurate measurement readout and some will even display temperature and humidity. More advanced units may even feature an internal memory making reporting a breeze.

At Correct Products, we’ve been helping our customers with ESD control solutions since 1983. We have a huge range of ESD testers, monitors and meters available – please browse our site and contact us if we can be of further service!

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