ESD Plastic Bins

At Correct Products, we specialize in ESD storage solutions that include a wide selection of ESD plastic stacking bins and conductive shelf bins. These storage bins come in a variety of sizes and provide static safe storage for electronic components. To cater to different needs, some of our ESD Bins include optional dividers while others have covers available. This variety ensures optimal protection against electrostatic discharge, tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our conductive storage bins to provide the safety and reliability your electronic components need during storage. ...

Conductive bins are an important facet in any ESD program. Standard kraft cardboard bins or non-ESD industrial plastic bins can build up and generate static discharge harming ESD sensitive components. By utilizing ESD plastic storage bins, static electricity is quickly discharged ensuring safety of electronic components. Conductive storage bins are made from injection-molded conductive plastic and offer permanent ESD protection. Plastic bins are washable and the heavy-duty plastic construction will provide years of reliable service.

ESD Plastic Bins are available in two styles - Hanging and Stacking or Shelf Bin. Hanging and stacking bins are a versatile static safe storage solution. They can be used for standard shelf storage or hang on louvered panels or bin rail systems. Hanging and stacking bins feature a wide ledge which allows them to stack on each other and a lip on the back for hanging on louvered panels or rails at the ESD workstation. Conductive Shelf bins are designed to fit on standard 12, 18 and 24 inch deep shelving, allowing for dense and optimized storage. Shelf bins nest when empty. The hopper front allows for easy access and front label holders provide content identification.

We sell ESD storage solutions and static control equipment to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quantities. Buy online or get a quote today!

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