Anti-Static ESD Conductive Foam & Bubble

Correct Products is a leading supplier of ESD conductive foam and cushioning products for the protection of static sensitive components and assemblies. Our selection includes stock sheets of conductive foam, pink anti-static foam and antistatic bubble and amine free bubble cushioning. ...

Black ESD conductive foam offers permanent ESD properties and is available in polyethylene, polyurethane and memory foam sheets. High Density Conductive Polyethylene Foam is a closed cell rigid foam suitable for inserting component leads or tote liner applications. This anti-static foam is a very clean, low shedding foam. Conductive Polyurethane Foam is a low-density softer open cell foam. This softer ESD foam is ideal for cushioning and is available in sheets as well as “eggcrate” style convoluted foam. We stock a variety of thicknesses of both conductive polyurethane and conductive polyethylene in 24" x 36" sheets. Looking for a super-soft clean ESD foam? Consider conductive memory foam. Conductive Memory Foam is perfect for fragile and expensive components. Available in both sheets and custom pads, memory foam will encapsulate the part and provide exceptional physical protection from shock and vibration.

Pink anti-static foam is also available in polyethylene and polyurethane sheets & rolls. Unlike conductive foams that offer permanent ESD characteristics, pink anti-static foams are humidity dependent. Over time pink anti-static foams may discolor and lose their anti-static properties. Therefore, pink anti-static foams are best suited for short term storage or one-way shipping applications. Pink antistatic polyethylene sheets can be used for blocking or bracing and rolls are suitable for wrapping and cushioning. Sheets of pink anti-static polyurethane are also available in flat sheets or convoluted for cushioning applications.

Anti-static bubble cushioning options have evolved from standard bubble wrap, to more sophisticated products that feature amine-free and cleanroom properties. Our clear anti-static amine free bubble cushioning is lot coded, printed with the ESD logo and meets PPP-C-795C. For cleanrooms and aerospace, check out Kleanstat Flex bubble which is low outgassing and cleanroom approved.

Looking for a custom size or thickness? Give us a call, we welcome custom inquiries. We can provide custom die cut pads, custom anti-static bubble pouches and foam inserts to fit into ESD Boxes and totes.

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