Easy-Fold Mailers

Correct Products offers a selection of easy fold mailers that work great for mailing books, catalogs and framed pictures. These one-piece kraft easy fold mailers have scores at multiple depths to ensure the proper fit for your products. We offer white easy fold mailers as well. Simply place product in the center, fold in the sides at your desired depth and seal with tape. These easy fold mailer boxes are a versatile shipping solution designed for larger comic book shipments, magazines, and a variety of books and other printed materials. ...

Easy fold mailers whether they be kraft or white, are super strong yet light-weight to save on postage. They are perfect for shipping small, light-weight fragile items and are manufactured from 200#/ECT-32-B corrugated cardboard. These crush resistant shipping mailers provide double walls of protection on front and sides. In addition, they have a unique "Wave-Rule" edge which virtually eliminates paper cuts. These one-piece mailers fold together in seconds requiring no tape, glue or staples. They conveniently ship and store flat to save space.

You will be pleased to have the peace of mind that your important shipments will withstand potential rough handling and your items will be protected due to the tight secure packaging. Easy-fold mailer boxes are quick to assemble and allow for expeditious packing of comic books, standard magazines, and a multitude of printed materials.

Correct Products offers many solutions to protect your shipments and most of the materials are recyclable and reusable. If you are shipping delicate artwork, collectable books and materials, you will want to make sure you are choosing the best possible options to secure your investment. Browse our selection including boxes, corner protectors, bubble cushioning, newsprint and more! Please contact us today and and we’ll help you find the protective packaging solution that best fits your needs.

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