ESD Tape


Correct Products is a leading supplier of ESD products and ESD packaging solutions.  Please browse our selection of ESD and anti-static tapes.  Anti static cello tapes are available in various widths and can be ordered in plain clear or clear with ESD warning logo print for identification.  Anti static cello tapes feature low-tribocharging characteristics when compared to standard cello tapes.  We also supply ESD masking tape for high temperature solder wave masking and high temperature paint applications. ESD safe polyimide or kapton tape is available in rolls, discs and various custom sizes. For ESD floor identification, check out our ESD floor marking tape. Available in standard vinyl or long-lasting Durastripe, our ESD floor marking tape will let all your visitors and employees know they are entering an ESD sensitive environment. Please contact us today for more information on ESD and anti-static tapes!